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Idea for creating 3D tiles came to us while business stay in Austria. We noticed huge amounts of ceramic elements that are present in architecture, mosaics, bricks along with the whole buildings created of specially formed terracotta pieces. Our aim was to create tiles that have a modern design and are manufactured according to traditional methods. The quality and style of our products differ greatly from others available on the market.

The essential features of UNICO tiles are the great number of possible arrangements and the huge potential to create decorative compositions which can be highlighted with appropriate lighting.
Therefore designers and architects have now a product that will allow them to emphasize or level features of given interior. Building a composition of UNICO tiles allows the designer to be like a sculptor – forming a surface that is more relief-like and can be freely shaped.


UNICO tiles allow to create unique, decorative, three-dimensional structures with only two elements. UNICO tiles can be applied outdoors and indoors. They can also be used for finishing stoves and fireplaces.

Below you can see few examples of sets created with sixteen tiles on ca. 40×40 cm surface. It’s only a small excerpt of UNICO tiles potential.

Iluminado company is the patent holder for UNICO tiles.

Technical information:
Ceramic tiles, glazed – tile ARCO & tile CANTO
Single tile size: 110x110x49.5 mm